What we grow and how we grow it

Good Courage produces 14 main perennial food crops: 

  • rhubarb​

  • asparagus

  • shiitake mushrooms

  • red currants

  • black currants

  • gooseberries

  • elderberries

  • pears

  • plums

  • tart cherries

  • apricots

  • apples

  • raspberries

  • table grapes


Organic to regenerative - the transformation from better to best practices

Good Courage is currently USDA-certified organic, which means that we grow all of our food in compliance with the stringent regulation and inspection practices that earn the organic label. We also use pollinator-friendly practices when applying organic pesticides.

We're steadily transitioning to regenerative farming, which means our attention is on our soil. We're rebuilding the carbon content and microbial diversity of our soils through the incorporation of livestock, fungal innoculation and lots of good compost.