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What we grow and how we grow it

Good Courage produces 14 main perennial food crops: 

  • rhubarb​

  • asparagus

  • shiitake mushrooms

  • red currants

  • black currants

  • gooseberries

  • elderberries

  • pears

  • plums

  • tart cherries

  • apricots

  • apples

  • raspberries

  • table grapes

Farming with Creation...

Good Courage is transitioning from our past model of certified organic production to regenerative methods of growing food. This means we pay close attention to the elegance of Creation and to the interdependent web that connects all living and non-living things.

Regenerative farming is the art of tending the soil first, rebuilding its carbon content and supporting its microbial life. We incorporate our farm animals into the ecology of the cropland, improving fertility and managing pests and weeds in cooperation with God's other creatures. You can see this holy collaboration in action in our pollinator habitat, our compost piles and our portable poultry pens.

Want to learn more? Come to the farm on the first Saturday of the month (May-Oct) for a "Come + See" day, which offers a tour, an art project and opportunities to pitch in caring for plants and animals. 

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