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170 varieties of organic fruit
93 acres of orchards, vinyards, woods and wetland

68 miles west of the Twin Cities

A handful of Creation-loving people seeking kin

One glorious, generous Creator

Good Courage Farm is the faith-filled response of the Rev. Kerri Meyer and Dr. Jen Blecha to the call of the Holy Spirit to join in the renewal of God's good earth and to follow Christ's example of feeding all who hunger. 

The farm uses regenerative methods (attentive to biodiversity and to soil health) to grow lots of perennial food crops. The 18-acre farmstead is home to chickens, ducks, goats and a few stray peafowl, as well as to myriad nations of other creatures - songbirds, frogs, snakes, grasshoppers, bats and more. 

The barn, built in 1927, houses worship services and fellowship events. We sing morning and evening prayer in our silo chapel. The Well House offers a quiet space for individuals on spiritual retreat. 

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